Research and design for a stock trading news analytics dashboard and mobile calendar app
BetterTrader Desktop analytics system “BackTester” and a mobile event calendar
Desktop analytics system “BackTester” and a mobile event calendar
BetterTrader interprets market data for you in real-time.It is a forex and stocks trading virtual analyst that produces actionable insights based on historical events, twitter news, economic events, price actions, market movements and sentiment. BetterTraders’ system uses machine-learning to collect data of previous economic events and predict their impact on currency movement. It then presents it’s suggestion on what will happen immidiately after a certain economic event is released.
My role
I planned and executed the product concept, UX and UI for both the desktop and the mobile app. The mobile version consisted of an events calendar and insights for traders, and the desktop app was a full-featured analytics tool with complex selection and filtering.
The challenge
I worked closely with the founder to ideate, in short sessions to test and execute multiple screens and use-cases. The design needed to appeal to a professional user, look good for potential investors and be minimal and seem simple to grasp while holding lots of different bits of information.
BetterTrader Mobile calendar
Mobile calendar
Mobile first
We started with a mobile calendar design, adding features over the course of about one year, and at some point it became evident that we need a desktop experience, so we developed new tools and connected the mobile calendar to the desktop app.
BetterTrader Mobile app screens
Mobile app screens
The desktop experience
We used the calendar as a part of the desktop view, added complex comparison of financial events and filtering options to help analyze financial data. This tool is one of a kind financial events analytics dashboard, meant for trading professionals.
BetterTrader The path from paper sketch to detailed wireframe to final design
The path from paper sketch to detailed wireframe to final design
BetterTrader Desktop version
Desktop version
Logo design
It was obvious that the logo needed to be minimal and with a hint to the stock market. I chose to use the up and down arrows, just like in any market ticker, but with a twist.
BetterTrader BetterTrader logo
BetterTrader logo
After the design of the product, logo and website was complete the startup has gotten an investment from a government fund, and continued to recieve it 3 more times! Also, the product caught traction with professional users, it is a successfull subscription based service with clients from all around the world.
Final thoughts
This is one of the most exciting and long projects I have participated in, it spanned across about 3 years. I was involved in various decision-making processes, product ideation, concept, design and branding creation, collateral materials and various other designs and mentored new designers as well. It’s an example of total involvement in a project and it brought me a lot of joy.
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